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Smoother on-site operations with GLABs Check-in/out terminal

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Our contactless, paperless, cost-effective and digitisation-friendly solution is the Check-in/out terminal. Drivers arriving for loading can check-in via a self-service terminal and check-out after loading without any human interaction.

Drivers arriving at the site can check-in to the site using a multilingual self-service access interface. A driver pre-registered in the Time Slot Management system can then signal to the site that he has arrived without human intervention. Check-ins and check-outs are time-stamped and logged to show the proportion of delays, time spent in sites, waiting times before loading and parking times. The system can manage vehicles on the site, providing comprehensive site control.

As part of the check-out process, the terminal can even be equipped with a printer, so that the driver can automatically receive the documents related to the shipment after loading. An additional useful feature for spreader deliveries is that the check-out driver can specify the estimated arrival times per loading point.

The linking of the check-in/out process with a license plate recognition system enables fully automated on-site entry and exit without human intervention.

The terminal communicates with all GLABs software, so it can be easily coordinated with either TSM or YARD Management software. This eases the burden on the security service and contributes to smooth loading processes.

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