Automate the management of vehicle traffic on the site.

Automate vehicle entry and exit processes on your site with the use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and automatic barriers. The GLABs YARD, equipped with a number plate recognition system, identifies the vehicle arriving at the gate and automatically allows authorized persons to enter or exit the premises based on a predefined set of rules, and to enter or exit the premises during the process. Automatic truck entry and exit can assist or even completely replace the local gatekeeping service.

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  • Cost savings by replacing part or all of the concierge service
  • Automated fast entry and exit processes with authorisation control
  • Logging and documentation of on-site vehicle traffic
  • Easy management of own vehicles and exceptions
  • Parking management
  • Parking time, waiting time, loading time statements

Why is it good?

Handling vehicles arriving for loading

You decide who can enter your premises and under what conditions! You can allow all arriving vehicles to enter the site with automatic logging of the entry, you can also specify that only trucks pre-registered in GLABS Time Slot Management and arriving at the time are allowed to enter during the reserved period, or you can specify that only vehicles called to the ramp by the warehouse can enter the ramp. And exceptions only reinforce the rule, which you can also manage using the system.

Management of departing vehicles

You decide who can leave your premises and under what conditions. You can allow all vehicles to leave the yard by logging the exit, or you can even specify that only trucks with a completed/closed loading status registered in GLABs Yard Management are allowed to leave your yard.

Managing zones

Define site zones and, on this basis, establish entry and exit rules for arriving and departing vehicles, as well as entry and exit rules. A number plate recognition camera system and automatic barriers ensure that only authorized vehicles are in an area.

Management of own vehicles

In addition to third-party vehicles, you can define a list of your own or regularly arriving vehicles that can enter or leave the premises at any time, regardless of the time gate reservation or loading status. The number plate recognition camera (ANPR) will of course also log these movements.

Parking zones and capacities

By designing parking zones and capacities, you can manage site traffic levels, parking saturation and maintain safe and manageable site traffic.

Replacement of porter service

Switch off the reception service on your premises. Add an intercom to your automated vehicle access system to manage problem vehicles remotely, centralising the management of multiple sites. This can save significant costs in the truck entry and exit processes.

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Keep an eye on and control who comes to your site!

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