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New software solutions added to GLABs

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GLABs online time slot management software is how the general public has known our solution so far. Our goal has always been to provide solutions to real, day-to-day logistical problems, so GLABs has expanded with new software, achieving our original goal on several fronts. In light of these enhancements, GLABs will now continue to operate as a family of software.

During Covid, our team has been busy: consulting with our customers, monitoring the market and developing additional software solutions to solve the problems of manufacturing and warehousing companies. Our new software, like our online Time Slot Management software, is constantly being developed and adapted to the needs of the market, so that it is always the right choice for the companies that come to us.

With our current solutions, you can manage your on-site tasks from the moment you need a shipment, through transport order allocation, arrival at the time slot, site traffic, loading processes, to the departure of the shipment:


Time Slot Management

The core pillar of the software family is our online Time Slot Management software, TSM, which is constantly being updated and expanded to keep pace with the evolving market. With our software, you can reduce the number of waiting trucks to zero, thus reducing the amount of waiting time charges, and ensure predictability of loading. Companies can outsource the booking of transport, therefore reducing their administrative tasks.

More information about our TSM software here.

Yard Management

Entry process, all-round site supervision, vehicle management, loading management, truck call. Combining and complementing these, our Yard Management software is designed to keep track of the most important tasks on the site, whether they are performed by the port or the management.

More information about our Yard Management software here.


Transport Management

Purchasing and sales can record transport requests directly in the GLABs TMS software, from which the transport organiser can organise the deliveries. These shipments can be sent as transport orders to carriers from the software and tracked for their confirmation and status. This simplifies the process and makes it easy to follow without email and phone.

More information about our TMS software here.

Warehouse Console

The Warehouse Console software supports warehouse work, in particular picking, loading and ramp call. The software makes warehouse operations completely paperless and fits perfectly into the digitisation process. It will simplify work and make warehouse operations faster, more accurate and traceable, and the performance of warehouse workers easier to monitor. The Warehouse Console software can be operated on any handheld or fixed device, and also available in the form of an industrial tablet or forklift terminal.

More information about our WHC software here.



We support our software solutions with hardware, enabling the introduction of digital and automated processes at multiple places of the site. We install a check-in terminal for automated check-in, information and truck call displays for simple and transparent communication, a warehouse tablet for full Warehouse Console operation, and a ramp sensor to complement Yard Management.

More information about our Hardware solutions here.

At GLABs, we continue to focus on development, adapted to the needs of the market. We are always open to feedback from our partners/customers, as their real-life experiences can help us to develop the most optimal solutions.

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