A comprehensive solution for managing self-organised deliveries

Using our Task Management software, you can efficiently manage the assignment, tracking and measurement of tasks directly or indirectly related to loading across your entire site. It helps you to manage and measure the tasks that suddenly arise in the logistics department of your site.

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Why is it good?

Managing transport requests

With GLABs Transport management, you can manage incoming and outgoing transport needs at your site in a controlled way, regardless of which department the transport needs arise. This makes your transport management more efficient and reduces transport costs. You can track the current status of your shipments from the moment the freight request is created.

Stop lost claims or unnecessary administrative work due to claims with partial information.

Support for transport management

Freight Management provides you with an accurate list of freight requirements, allowing you to organise your shipments easily and as efficiently as possible. This reduces the administrative burden on the transport management and increases its efficiency.

Assignment of transport tasks

The transport management can easily assign the organised transport tasks to the transport carrier with all the important details of the transport. Afterwards, you only need to monitor the delivery and loading status.

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Other benefits

Transport request authorisation

Submitted claims can be subject to assessment on a business-unit basis, so that the transport service only has to deal with approved claims during the organization process.

Outsourcing of freight management

By standardising your processes and communication, you can easily outsource your freight management work to a third party, so that your external freight management partners have all the information they need about the shipments you delegate to them.

Time Slot integration

With organized and allocated transport tasks, the transport organisation needs to set deadlines for the collection and delivery of goods. On this basis, the carrier can flexibly book time slots for loading.

Handling FTL, LTL deliveries

Based on your transport needs, Freight Forwarding has the freedom to organise FTL, LTL, groupage and distribution deliveries.

Transport information for the transport requester

For everyone, the most important thing is their own transport. Claimants can track the status of their reported claims in real time, so they don’t overload the transport department with constant requests for information.

Manage your site’s self-organised deliveries easily!

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Manage your site’s self-organised deliveries easily!

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