GLABs is a logistics solution for manufacturing and warehousing companies

to fully manage all transport and loading tasks on site.

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GLABs is a logistics solution for manufacturing and warehousing companies to fully manage all transport and loading tasks on site.

Time Slot Management by GLABs

Time Slot Management

Our online Time Slot Management software can help you plan your loadings and the arrival of deliveries/vehicles on site. This way, loading is done according to pre-defined rules, taking into account the available loading capacity.

Yard by GLABs

Yard Management

Our yard management software can manage all the truck traffic on your site. Our software manages ramp calls, assists with loading and unloading, tracks loading status and logs all workflows.


Transport Management

With our Transport Management software, you can transparently manage your transport tasks from transport request to transport order assignment and execution. TMS supports the day-to-day work of transport management and also gives you the possibility to outsource transport management tasks.



A Go:TAB a GLABs kifejezetten tabletre optimalizált felülete, hogy a telephely bármely pontjáról hatékonyan végezhesse munkáját. A felületeket ipari munkakörnyezethez optimalizáltuk, ami egyszerű, pár perc alatt könnyen megtanulható és szélsőséges körülmények között is jól látható.


Task Management

Using our Task Management software, you can efficiently manage the assignment, tracking and measurement of tasks directly or indirectly related to loading across your entire site. It helps you to manage and measure the tasks that suddenly arise in the logistics department of your site.

Hardware by GLABs


We support our software solutions with hardware solutions, allowing you to extend the functionality of our logistics software to different locations on your site and to different phases of your processes.


Truck call

Call a vehicle waiting to be loaded to the ramp from the software simply, ensuring a continuous, smooth loading job. Use the outdoor truck call display, truck call text notification, truck call display, or the GLABs truck call mobile app to quickly notify drivers.


ANPR – Number plate based automatic site entry and exit

Automate the management of vehicle traffic on the site. Automate vehicle entry and exit processes on your site with the use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and automatic barriers.


Truck call mobile application

Call drivers waiting to load onto a ramp quickly, easily and without language barriers. Thanks to two-way communication, drivers can easily confirm when they have left the car park to go to the loading bay, but also signal if they cannot get to the loading bay due to a technical problem.


Check-in / Check-out terminal

Drivers arriving at the site can check in for loading using the multilingual self-service check-in terminal. With the help of a terminal, you can receive vehicles for loading without human intervention, even completely contact-free.

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GLABs on-site loading management software brings together all the participants in the transport process into one system. It brings together and manages all the information related to the transport process in one interface, supporting and assisting all the parties involved.

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