What is Glabs?

GLABs Online time window

GLABs is much more than an online logistics booking application

With the help of our time slot software, you can connect and manage your supply chain processes. Your deliveries can arrive on time, you can easily plan the transporters’ arrivals and callings, you can measure certain workflows’ durations, and you can record your premise’s incoming and outgoing deliveries. Therefore our time window software optimizes the warehouse and logistics processes and makes them easy to organise, along with ensuring significant cost reductions.


GLABs is an easily managable time slot and supply chain management software, which provides its users with multiple benefits and ways of cost reduction for various areas of the supply chain.

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The main focus of our application is online appointment scheduling and the supply chain’s holistic support. Our goal is to develop our time window software day by day, to provide a better service for our customers.

Our innovative solutions optimise the transportation, shipping and warehouse processes along with making them more effective. With our time slot software, the communication with partners improves significantly, while ensuring considerable cost reduction.