What is Glabs?

What is GLABs? GLABs is a logistics solution for manufacturing and warehousing companies to fully manage all on-site transport and loading tasks.

Reviews on GLABs

  • We absolutely recommend GLABs. Your flexibility and the way you approach and think in the customer's shoes is a great advantage. The software is good, very intuitive, easy to use, and visual.

    Continental Veszprém
  • The system provides a solution to our problems, and our expectations were fully met. Our business partners and its subcontractors are also satisfied that the software has met the expectations placed on it.

    Masped Logisztika Kft.
    Masped Logisztika Kft. Budapest
  • The software quickly proved its worth in the field after its implementation. Loads are predictable, so we can plan ahead with stability. In addition to the basic functionality, the development team can quickly implement custom solutions.

    Ghibli Budapest

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