What is GLABs?

Discover the solutions and benefits of our online time slot and loading management system.

Time slot system

Using a time slot system, your external partners / forwarders can register for loading and unloading through an online interface. Time slot arrivals are made according to rules You have defined in advance, taking into account the free loading capacity.

  • Arrivals and loads can be planned
  • Reduces internal administration work
  • Reduces logistics costs
GLABs time slot system
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Resource management system

Thanks to intelligent resource management, your partners / suppliers can only register their deliveries taking into account free loading capacity. This way, you are guaranteed not to receive more shipments at a time than the warehouse can handle in parallel.

  • the number of parallel loads can be maximized
  • the number of waiting trucks is reduced
  • waiting time is reduced
  • decrease the cost of waiting time

Loading management system

You can use the time gate loading management function to track delivery processes from arrival to departure. The warehouse gets an accurate forecast of arriving vehicles and can monitor pending, ongoing and completed loads.

  • Planned arrivals
  • Supervised loads
  • Measurable and optimised processes
GLABs document management system

Document management system

With the help of the document management module of the time slot system, you can easily and securely access the documents related to the delivery, even before the arrival of the delivery. The document repository is available to all parties involved in the shipment.

  • Secure, fast document sharing
  • Easy administration
  • Easily accessible and retrievable documents

Notification system

Helps external and internal communication. The time slot system sends automatic email notifications to administrators about delivery changes, missing data, and documents.

Internal Displays provide information on loading, same-day statistics, incoming and outgoing shipments, waiting cars, or ramp status for warehouse workers.

  • Automatic external and internal email notifications
  • Central notifications
  • Information displays
GLABs notification system
GLABs assistant


Your assistant, GLABsy, automatically performs delivery-related administrative tasks for you to save you time. GLABsy is constantly learning and evolving, so you can entrust more and more administrative and control tasks to it in the future.

  • Manage expired bookings
  • Perform forgotten administrative tasks
  • Continuous development

Site security support system

Time slot management loading is always safer than unplanned arrivals. The time slot software also handles the entry, exit and security control of shipments. The security service can easily check the access of the vehicle based on any of the consignment IDs.

  • Controlled entry and exit
  • Access control
  • Saved activities
  • Record of arrivals, delays, entries and exits

Reporting system

From data generated from the measurement of time gate system and loading management events; unprecedented statements and statistics can be generated.

Unprecedented statements and statistics can be created from data generated from the measurement of time gate system and loading management events. Measuring and saving the process helps you set up KPIs and optimize performance.

  • Activity logging
  • Event saving
  • Registration of intermediate events
  • Setting up KPIs

Vehicle controlling system

The time gate software, extended with yard management functions, supports ramp calls, assists entry and exit, and records the position of vehicles. It handles all truck traffic at the sites. The ramp call can optionally be showed on outdoor displays.

  • Arrival, entry, exit
  • Waiting area identification
  • Calling a ramp
  • Ramp occupancy management

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