What is GLABs?

Learn more about how our software works and what its advantages are

GLABs online time window

GLABs is a logistics booking application, an online time window, where your partners can schedule appointments for the loading, based on set regulation systems.

Your partners can manage their own deliveries through the online platform. They can schedule appointments, modify their bookings, upload documents and they can view the statuses of their ongoing loadings.

In case the freight forwarding tasks are completed by an external company (a third party), it can also be registered into the system and can continue to carry out the booking and administrative tasks for the partner.

Booking process

By entering the system, our partners or assigned freight forwarders can provide information regarding their deliveries in 3 easy steps

  1. Providing the product/product type and quantity
  2. Selecting appointment
  3. Providing the delivery’s data (license plate number, carriage number, documents, commentary, etc.)

Reservations recorded in the system are carried out based on regulation systems, which can be managed on the software admin platform. Thanks to this, different regulation systems can be set up for partners or even for a single product, based on the given company’s requirements.

Thanks to this, bookings can be carried out

  1. traditionally, so based on time windows created in advance
  2. based on warehouse capacity
  3. based on available capacity

The regulation systems influence the duration of the loading, the resources necessary for loading, the documents that need to be uploaded, or the approval process of the reservations.

The software can also support the management of the deliveries. Users have the opportunity to sign in arriving transporters, to call them to the ramp, to measure loading times, and to sign out transporters, along with measuring certain work procedures.

Advantages of the software

Arrivals can be planned in advance, thus the warehouse service can be organized better

The joint working surface supports all of the members of the supply chain, and the departments it may concern. By involving partners and freight forwarders, the administrative burdens can be spread out and the number of administrative tasks (writing e-mails, calling, etc.) can be significantly reduced.

Based on the documents which have been uploaded in advance, administration can start even before the arrival of the delivery.


As an effect of punctual arrivals

  • Transporters’ arrivals will be evened out, the warehouse’s congested periods will be reduced
  • Transporters’ waiting times will be reduced, so the amount of demurrage decreases
  • The number of waiting vehicles will be reduced, thus the jamming and tension between drivers can be minimized

Delays, waiting times, loading times, administration times and warehouse service will be measurable.