Get to know us better

GLABs is a part of the Colibree group.
GLABs started out as a traditional development project and became an independent business unit.

Our story

The Colibree group, with more than 10 years of experience in development, is concerned with the development of online web applications and solutions, along with the creation of holistic online presence.

Our company’s profile specializes in the service of business needs, more specifically logistics needs, and in creating solutions for logistics problems. That is how GLABs online time slot software was developed, which provides solutions to real, everyday logistics problems. It became a separate business unit in the fields of development, customer support, project management, PR and sales.

Our mission is to provide useful, commercially and economically realizable benefits through our application’s innovative solutions for manufacturing companies, logistics service providers, companies associated with road freight, and every member of the supply chain.

We believe that we can accomplish organized, on-schedule road freight.

Our team

Our leaders, who contributed to the development of our software with their expertise

Endre Szabó
Dániel Bakos
Project Manager
Zoltán Perlaky
Sales Expert
Zsolt Szeder
Tamás Tegze
Art Director / UX Expert