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GLABs started as a normal development project and has grown into an independent company.

  • 2014.04.
    We started developing our own product (GLABs)
  • 2015.01.
    GLABs gets off to a flying start at our first client
  • 2015.07.
    First GLABs launch for an international client
  • 2015.11.
    We moved from a rented apartment to an office building
  • 2019.04.
    Our first group-level contracte
  • 2021.07.
    Our own product expanded into a software family

At GLABs LSS, we are working on innovative software and hardware solutions to make loading in factories and logistics warehouses plannable and easy to manage.

The idea for GLABs was born in 2014. Our first product was the online Time Slot Management (TSM) software, which we developed and continue to develop with everyday logistical problems in mind. One of the innovative features of our software is resource management, which allows you to plan loading based on free loading capacity even for different types of loading.

We constantly monitor the needs of our customers and the market to develop our software. As a result, GLABs has now grown into a software family. In addition to Time Slot Management, our portfolio also includes Yard Management, Transport Management and Warehouse Console software solutions. We also offer hardware such as warehouse tablets, self-check-in terminals, truck call solutions, ramp sensors and warehouse displays.

We are proud that, having started in the automotive sector, our software are now being used by retail, heavy industry, food, electronics, construction materials companies etc.

At GLABs we are always looking to evolve, constantly developing our solutions and tailoring them to the needs of our customers and the market sector.

Our aim is to deliver business and economic benefits to manufacturers, logistics service providers and other actors in the supply chain through our innovative solutions.

Our team

Endre Szabó


Zsolt Szeder

Head of Software Development

Tamás Tegze

Head of Design

Alex Nemes


Boglárka Katona

Project Engineer

Zoltán Perlaky

Senior Business Developer

Dániel Bakos

Senior Consultant

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