Manage your site’s freight traffic with our GLABs Yard management software!

Our yard management software can manage all the truck traffic on your site. Our software manages ramp calls, assists with loading and unloading, tracks loading status and logs all workflows.

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Why is it good?

Managing security tasks

With our yard management solution, you can easily manage the vehicles arriving for loading at your yard. Based on predefined workflows, the porta can identify, arrive, document, check-in and check-out vehicles.
With simpler and faster identification and rapid information flow, the time spent by trucks on site and the turnaround time for loading can be significantly reduced.

Warehouse work

The arrival of vehicles is immediately communicated to the entire site, so the warehouse can take control of the vehicles as soon as they arrive, significantly increasing the efficiency of loading operations. Yard management makes planning and managing loads simple and transparent.

Tailored to your loading processes, our software helps you manage and control your processes efficiently.

Truck call

Communicate easily, without language barriers and physical distances, with drivers arriving for loading. You can call waiting trucks to load with yard management’s truck call module, via truck call display, SMS, outdoor display or even by controlling the portal with 2 clicks.

And soon, our mobile app will help you communicate with drivers arriving at your premises.


To make processes more efficient, you need accurate figures and statements. Our yard management software logs all workflows and status changes with a timestamp, giving you the ability to generate statistics that can help you identify operational weaknesses and improve efficiency. Bottlenecks in the warehouse operation can be clearly identified, as well as in the supplier structure.

After that, it is just a matter of defining and regularly monitoring the KPIs.

Our results in figures

Average waiting time before loading (hours)

Change in average loading waiting time after the implementation of the software. Based on data measured at a specific GLABs customer.

Demurrage fee rate

The evolution of the cost of the demurrage fee after the implementation of the software. Based on a specific customer statement.


Number of arrivals by hour

Arrival of deliveries by the hour for one day. Based on the statement of a specific customer, based on a comparison of the same turnover period.

Other benefits

Vehicle arrival

Pre-loading registration makes it easy to identify, check and deliver all incoming suppliers. And with our check-in terminal solution, the arrival can be contactless and fully automated via a self-service interface.

Truck call, ramp call

Call a vehicle waiting to be loaded to the ramp directly from the software with one click, ensuring a smooth loading process. The call to the ramp is immediately displayed on the truck call display and on the driver’s phone (SMS), speeding up the call process (and eliminating human resources).

Comprehensive site supervision

The security service is assisted by the rules, forms and control functions set out in yard management to manage the arrival, entry and exit of cargo.

Loading management

The loading process starts before arrival. The warehouse has the possibility to pre-schedule loads and track ongoing loads in real time. Loading times can be measured and logged in the yard management software. The loading process can be evaluated and improved based on the appropriate KPIs.

Warehouse notification of arrival

Based on the registration of arrivals, the staff concerned are immediately notified of the arrival of a new vehicle, which is an effective way to help plan and prioritise loading, reduce waiting times and avoid information loss.

The dedicated warehouse display effectively supports the daily work of warehouse staff. Find out more!

Delay forecast

Delays and slips are not a problem in a well-organised warehouse if they are known in advance. In case of expected delays, carriers/forwarders can rebook their loads or, if this is no longer possible, signal the expected delays, which helps to organise the warehouse and to manage late loading flexibly.

Unplanned arrivals

Small parcels are brought and carried with minimal use of warehouse resources. Parcel carriers can arrive at the site without prior registration and can enter and leave the site with simplified registration. This solution provides the flexibility to manage couriers while ensuring the management, logging and accurate measurement of site traffic, with full site control.

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Software solutions at Masped Logistics

Masped Logisztika Ltd. introduced GLABs’ online Time Slot Management (TSM) and Yard Management solutions in 2020. The company’s logistics director explains how GLABs software has benefited their day-to-day operations.

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