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In addition to our software solutions, we also support our customers with hardware solutions to extend the software to different parts of the site and different phases of the processes, creating a more efficient and professional site operation.

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Check-in / Check-out terminal

Drivers arriving at the site can check in using a multilingual self-service access system. The terminal allows contactless, human-intervention-free arrival of your delivery drivers, and the warehouse automatically receives information about their arrival.

After loading, check-out can also be self-service with automatic printing of receipts.


  • Overcoming language barriers
  • Contactless administration
  • Significant savings in human resources
  • 0-24 operation
  • Automated document printing

Information display

The information displays allow each department to follow in real time the loading events on the site.

Real-time information sharing effectively increases work organization in the sub-areas.

Warehouse display

  • Expected deliveries
  • Vehicles waiting to be loaded
  • Loading in progress
  • Ramp/space occupancy
  • Accurate arrival, delay, waiting time, loading time display

Security display

  • Expected arrivals
  • Current average waiting time
  • Location information
  • Truck call display

Logistics display

  • Daily and weekly expected loadings
  • Loading in progress
  • Loadings reported ready
  • Current status of daily operations
  • Average request and waiting times

Truck call display

With the outdoor truck call display(s) in the truck park, you can call waiting trucks to a loading ramp with one click.


  • Truck call directly from the warehouse
  • Reducible loading time requirements
  • Traceable, logged events
  • Significant savings in human resources

Ramp sensor

You can also monitor the occupancy status of the loading positions from inside the ramp using a sensor. As soon as a vehicle occupies or leaves a loading position, the status is displayed in the software and on information displays.


  • Real-time ramp occupancy indication
  • Wireless deployment with NB IoT technology
  • Low installation cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Easy to expand
  • Increased efficiency through AI data analytics
  • Design of automated processes

Number plate recognition camera

With a number plate recognition camera, you can fully automate the entry and exit processes on your premises, replacing the local reception desk. The number plate recognition system recognises, identifies and enters and exits freight and passenger vehicles according to a predefined set of rules.


  • Managing access rights for foreign and own vehicles
  • Passenger and freight traffic management
  • Management of parking entitlements and parking capacity
  • On-site zone access management (car park, freight park, warehouse)
  • Restriction of entries and exits
  • Video and photographic documentation
  • Intercom remote assistance support


  • Full or partial replacement of the reception service
  • Automatic and fast management of logon and logoff permissions
  • Fast entry and exit of own vehicles
  • Manage the movement of vehicles
  • Automatic fast documentation and administration

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