Time Slot Management by GLABs

Make the loading of your site plannable with GLABs Time slot management!

Our online Time Slot Management software can help you plan your loadings and the arrival of deliveries/vehicles on site. This way, loading is done according to pre-defined rules, taking into account the available loading capacity.

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Why is it good?

Handling waiting trucks

By using a time gate, you can effectively reduce the number of trucks waiting to be loaded. By knowing the loading times, drivers will in most cases only arrive at the site when loading is due to start. This reduces the waiting time and thus the number of trucks waiting in the car park.

Fewer waiting trucks, fewer problems.

Loading planning

Make the preparation and loading work in your warehouse plannable. Give your partners the opportunity to pre-register and book loading times. Our Time Slot Management software ensures that only as many carriers as your warehouse can accommodate arrive at your site at any one time, based on available loading capacity and parameterizable booking rules.

And drivers who arrive without registering will receive the estimated time of their loading immediately upon arrival.

Automatic notifications

In response to various events, GLABs Time Slot management sends automatic notifications (missing booking data, time approval, change of loading data, truck arrival, change of loading status, etc.) to the operator involved in the loading. This makes the flow of information between loading actors more efficient and reduces administrative work.

Demurrage fees

The most critical point in determining the start of a legitimate standstill cost is measuring it. With GLABs, carriers can arrive at a time when their warehouse can accommodate the loading based on available spare capacity. With our software, you can accurately measure downtime and thus minimise downtime costs.

What’s more, if you arrive too early, you can even charge a parking fee for lorries that reserve a parking space.

Our results in figures

Average waiting time before loading (hours)

Change in average loading waiting time after the implementation of the software. Based on data measured at a specific GLABs customer.

Demurrage fee rate

The evolution of the cost of the demurrage fee after the implementation of the software. Based on a specific customer statement.

Number of arrivals by hour

Arrival of deliveries by the hour for one day. Based on the statement of a specific customer, based on a comparison of the same turnover period.

Our results in figures

Other benefits

Managing capacity problems and congestion

By managing loading resources, your partners can book loading times only up to the available loading capacity, reducing overloaded periods in the warehouse. By spreading the load evenly, it is easier to plan staff scheduling, and therefore employee workload.

Simplification of document management

In addition to the shipment details, documents can also be uploaded to the Time Slot Management system, so that they can be easily and securely shared with the participants involved in the shipment before the shipment arrives.

Development of measurable and optimisable processes

The entire loading process is recorded and measured in the software, so the loading time interval can be calculated down to the minute, making it easy to measure loading performance.

Flexible loading control

Without any administrative burden or significant communication work, you can freely change the number of cars arriving at a given time, the opening hours of your site (by specifying shifts) and the loading rules based on the free loading capacity currently available. This gives you the flexibility to respond to sudden changes in market demand and maintain your efficiency.

Reduction of extra freight costs

Free yourself from the extra cost of extra freight by planning your loads more accurately. Set a pick-up time in advance so that the carrier can only register for the times when you are sure to be able to pick up your entire shipment. This avoids cases where the carrier has to wait a long time for unplanned warehouse operations.

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