GLABs Intermodal Terminal Truck Management Software

The GLABs software suite comprehensively manages the planning of road freight traffic at intermodal or multimodal terminals and the onsite direction of trucks arriving for loading.

Why is it good?


This module allows partners to easily register their vehicles for container pick-up or drop-off, enabling the planning of truck traffic at the terminal.

With pre-registration, terminal management can:

  • Limit the number of vehicles arriving at the same time
  • Regulate container drop-off and pick-up periods, i.e., opening hours
  • Set specific container drop-off or pick-up times or intervals
  • Integration with intermodal terminal management software can link registration to the transport order


The YARD Management module simplifies the direction and logging of trucks from their arrival to departure at the terminal:

  • Entry and exit management
  • Arrival processing
  • Digital direction of trucks within the terminal area (truck parking, loading areas, document issue points)
  • Management of entry permissions for waiting and loading areas
  • Traffic logging
  • Loading status management
  • Automation of truck direction

License Plate Recognition System (ANPR)

Automatic entry and exit
Vehicles arriving at the intermodal terminal can automatically enter and exit the site through automatic license plate recognition and associated permission management.

Onsite direction
License plate recognition cameras,

  • supplemented by outdoor informational displays, efficiently support the movement of drivers within the terminal area
  • automatic barriers effectively control the movement of trucks heading for loading on the premises

Self Check-in kiosk

Drivers arriving at the intermodal terminal can register or check in for loading at the Self Service Check-in Kiosk if not done in advance. The check-in process can also be linked to viewing and accepting the terminal’s health and safety and security guidelines, effectively improving personnel and asset security at the intermodal terminal.

Hardware Integrations

  • OCR Gate Integration
    Logging the data of trucks passing through the OCR gate entering or leaving the terminal in the GLABs Yard management module, reading and logging data of containers and other shipments.
  • Weighbridge Integration
    The entry and exit process can also be supplemented with a digital automatic weighbridge, thereby recording the weight of vehicles upon entry/exit.

How does it work?

Efficient truck handling processes tailored for the terminal

Taking into account the intermodal terminal’s characteristics and health, safety, and security regulations, the GLABs modules allow for the creation of customized and automated truck handling processes at your site

Digital Truck and Driver Direction on the Premises

Digital truck call
  • Outdoor displays
  • Driver notification SMS
  • Mobile app notification (GLABs Truck call app)
Vehicle direction and movement regulation on the premises through
  • barriers,
  • displays,
  • and ANPR cameras

Simple Communication with Every Driver Waiting for Loading (GLABs Truck call app)

  • Notification of loading call to the waiting driver
    (Terminal → Driver)
  • Confirmation of loading call to the terminal control
    (Driver → Terminal)
  • Navigation within the site to the precise loading spot for the driver
  • Notification of loading completion to the driver
    (Terminal → Driver)
  • Notification of document availability to the waiting driver
    (Terminal → Driver)

Handling Health and Safety Rules in the App (GLABs Truck call app)

Drivers arriving at the container terminal can acquire entry permission to the terminal before arrival by familiarizing themselves with the onsite health and safety rules, optionally with a test, using the GLABs mobile application

  • Sharing of health and safety regulations
  • Video health and safety training in multiple languages online
  • Online health and safety test
  • Management of entry permissions and expiration

GLABS API Integration

API integration possibility with the terminal control software:

  • Transport order recording
  • Calling for loading
  • Loading status management
  • Retrieval of license plate and driver data
  • Safety guidelines check, etc.

Software Solutions at Masped Logistics

Masped Logistics Ltd. introduced the GLABs online Time Slot Management (TSM) and Yard Management solutions in 2020. The company’s logistics director explains the advantages they have gained in their daily operations with the GLABs software.

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