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With our new development, we are now in the cabs of trucks. Get drivers waiting to load on the ramp quickly, easily and without language barriers. Thanks to two-way communication, drivers can easily confirm when they’ve left the car park to go to the loading bay, but also signal if they can’t get to the loading bay due to a technical problem.

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  • Call for loading without outdoor display or SMS, free of charge
  • Two-way communication between driver and site (call confirmation)
  • Continuous indication in case of inactivity
  • Direct communication with the driver
  • Elimination of communication and language difficulties
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Why is it good?

Loading data

After logging in, the driver arriving for loading can also see the loading details and important information on his phone in the GLABs truck call app.

Truck call

A ramp call initiated in the GLABs Yard Management module will automatically appear on the driver’s phone in the Truck Call app and will be signaled until the driver confirms that he has started loading on the ramp.

Ramp call confirmation

The driver can use the app to confirm the call and indicate that he is on his way to the loading site, or to indicate if something is preventing him from starting loading. The driver’s feedback is displayed to the transport managers on the loading data sheet and on the warehouse displays in the warehouse.

We speak the same language

Drivers can use the app and receive notifications in HU, EN, DE, PL, RO, overcoming language difficulties.

The language of the app is constantly evolving according to demand.

Android and iOS support

The GLABs truck call app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Constantly evolving

Future enhancements to the truck call app include GPS-based positioning of vehicles waiting for loading, mobile self-check-in, real-time messaging to the driver, and driver support at the site.

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Communicate easily with the drivers. How?

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