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What does a time slot system have to do with security?

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We have already mentioned several advantages of the digitalisation of logistic activities, how thanks to the usage of a time slot software, the processes become plannable and traceable, which results bigger productivity. Now, we would like to speak about security in this context.

If your partners book appointments in the GLABs system, all authorised colleagues can see the details and data of the deliveries in the time window screen. This makes the entrance at the gate much easier and safer. The gatekeepers don’t have to search for papers to see if the driver is authorised to enter, because everything is evident in the system. This reduces waiting times before loading, and makes loading punctual and plannable.

Naturally, unplanned traffic can also arrive, the colleagues can easily record these under a specifically designed menu in the system. The important deliveries, that need to be served quickly, can be indicated in the system. Furthermore, our software prints verifying sheets automatically, which help the entrance and quality control, support AEO certification and make the entrance a regulated process.

Now the digitalisation of the entrance is under development, which makes security control and loading independent and paper-free. Also, the deliveries will be identifiable with pictures, which elevates the security of the entrance even more.

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