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Warehouse modernization with a time slot software?

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Experts say that the greatest asset in today’s logistics market is a good warehouse. The formation of an efficient facility and an adequate technological background is not an easy task. To achieve this, it is important to jump on promising real estate opportunities and to constantly modernize the existent resources.

The trends show that facility real estate prices are also high, so it is hard to find a good warehouse in time. For this reason, the market offers must be checked beforehand and when a good opportunity occurs, you have to decide quickly, because the big demand doesn’t let buyers think for long.

The finding and buying of an adequate warehouse facility is only one of the necessities of a good warehouse, another equally important part is optimized operation. By this, we mean making the usage of the warehouse resources more efficient and minimizing facility and logistics costs. With innovative software solutions, it is easy to improve the workload of warehouse tools and service productivity, and work processes can be optimized with proper planning.

GLABs is such an innovative solution. With its usage, your carriers can book appointments for the arrivals.

Advantages of appointment based warehouse service:

  • Easy truck call of the drivers

The truck call function of the software can be displayed on multiple devices, making warehouse operations quicker.

  • Planned internal warehouse workflows

The appointment based arrivals make internal warehouse workflows plannable, for example order-picking. This also elevates the efficiency of the preparation area.

  • Loading statistics, traceability

The loading time is precisely monitored and saved. The online time slot offers unique statistics, with that the efficiency of warehouse processes can be even higher.

  • The overwhelmed periods of the warehouse disappear

With the capacity based appointment booking of the time slot system, carriers arrive regularly, so there won’t be any stoppage or downtime.

  • Keeps logistics costs low

Because of the optimized usage of warehouse tools, the facility can perform the loadings with less machines, while keeping the satisfaction of your partners and carriers.

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