GLABs Truck call mobile application

What is it good for?

With the app, after logging in at the site, you can see key loading details on your phone and be notified of a call to the ramp when you can queue up to load.

Ramp call

You can relax while you wait! The app will tell you when you can get on the ramp. You can use the app to tell you when you’re on the ramp, but also if you can’t get on the ramp because of an obstacle.

Where can you use it?

All sites using GLABs load management software to manage deliveries. If you’re not sure about a site, ask when you log in, but you’ll always be automatically notified of new loads.

How does it work?

Download the app.

Include your phone number.

Enter the same number that you use when you check in at the premises.

After that,

at all sites using GLABs loading management software, you will be notified of the new loading after logging in and the app will notify you of the ramp call!


GLABs Truck call mobile application

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