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Reports you’ve never seen before about your deliveries

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One of the most important departments in company operations is logistics, since this department is in daily contact with customers and suppliers, it supports sales procedures, it ensures the supply of raw materials and it organizes all of the company’s movements; hence it opens a door to the outside world.

Therefore, through logistics operations, business partners can get a continuous image of your company after the establishment of a new business relationship, and they judge your company’s operations based on those observations. For the sake of establishing stable, conflict-free, smooth business relationships, it’s very important to measure, report and optimize processes, which is too much to handle for the ERP systems.

Other than assisting with the incoming and outgoing deliveries’ management, along with the optimal exploitation of resources, and the transparent and organized operations, GLABs logistics booking system also helps with measuring and reporting processes.

Events in our booking software are recorded. Thanks to this, not only is everything retraceable, but special reports also help the analysis of logistics operations and enable the optimization of the efficiency of  certain processes, which isn’t supplied by ERP programs.

Thanks to the recording, the path of a delivery can be easily viewed for the users of the system:

  • who recorded the booking for the given delivery 
  • when and by whom was the delivery’s entrance approved
  • when and by whom was the booking modified, and what was changed
  • you can view the delivery’s actual arrival, the time of the entrance into the premise and the exit from the premise

Furthermore, additional statistics can be inquired about the deliveries on the booking page, broken down to work phases, if preferred

  • in case of delay, how late was the transporter compared to the original scheduled time
  • how many times is a given partner or transport late
  • how much is the average
    • waiting time
    • administration time
    • loading time
    • exit time
  • the average full service time can be assessed, which can contribute to the determination of goals
  • average net and gross loading times can be inquired, broken down to warehouse workers
  • warehouse idle times are traceable
  • users can inquire certain periods’ performance based on trucks or palettes

In addition, all reports and lists can be exported to Excel. We’re continuously developing our system, so that we can put together additional reports based on collected data, according to our users’ needs.

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