WH Console by GLABs NEW

Warehouse Console Software

Our Warehouse Console software supports the warehouse preparation and loading process.
The storage console can be operated on any handheld or fixed device.

Shipment preparation support

Your warehouse staff can digitally carry out collection, packaging and preparation tasks before loading. With just one click, you can report completed tasks ready for picking.

Truck call from your tablet

Call the vehicle to the ramp directly from your tablet with one click, ensuring a fast and smooth loading process. The call to the ramp is also instantly displayed on outdoor displays or on the driver’s phone (SMS).

Loading management

Loaders can call for vehicles to be loaded directly via the console. They can also use the console to indicate the start and end of loading, as well as if there is a discrepancy between the loaded quantity in a consignment.

Designed for work

The warehouse console interface has been optimised for an industrial working environment, so it is simple to learn in minutes and is highly visible in extreme conditions. It is also easy to use when mounted on a forklift. Carry out all loading operations without interrupting work or travelling unnecessary distances.

ERP integration

You can fully integrate the warehouse console with your ERP system, so you can manage preparation and loading tasks without manual intervention. And once the tasks are completed, the results are fed back to your ERP system in real time.

The benefits of WH Console

  • Significantly faster processing and response time
  • Faster communication on ongoing tasks
  • Trackable, measurable, logged sessions
  • Lower error rate
  • Paperless operation
  • Faster, more accurate picking process

Key features:

  • Picking
  • Loading/ unloading
  • Item management
  • Managing quantitative discrepancies
  • Truck call, ramp call
  • Shipment priority
  • Employee performance measurement
  • ERP, API

Hardware solutions

Warehouse display
Truck call display
Warehouse tablet

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