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Logistics time slot software – Added value for other functions too?

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Did you ever think about what more added value can an online logistics software give your company? Let’s see what positive effects it brings to other functions apart from logistics.

At the moment one of the biggest challenges in the business world, is the retention of workforce. Every company is trying to provide a pleasant work environment with all kinds of CSR bonuses, including flexible work times, gift cards and vouchers. In this, they invest lots of time and money, but often the reason someone decides to leave the company, is because of a bad relationship with their boss or the stress, which the position holds.

Warehouse workers and logistics organisers have to deal with many ad hoc situations on a daily basis. Drivers in delay, missing documents, unknown license plates, doormen with language problems, neverending administration tasks and overtimes – there is a long list of possible stress factors.

If your company invests in a logistics time slot software, next to the fact, that the software optimises warehouse resources, it also makes the work of your colleagues much easier, by reducing stress and overtimes, and eliminating the handmade paperwork. The time slot can be used for other useful work, and they also feel more relaxed, because they don’t have a long list of tasks growing in front of them.

The GLABs online TSM software securely reduces logistics cost, because you can book loading and unloading appointments by free resources.

With the time slot system, all loadings and unloadings are scheduled, which results:

  • less waiting times
  • simpler tasks for logistics organisers
  • bigger running performance of the trucks

which result a much bigger efficiency for freight forwarders.

Due to the labor shortage, these opportunities to elevate the utilisation of workforce are very valueable. Moreover, the really expensive extra freights are reduced, because the software is built around booking appointments by free capacity.

For GLABs users this also results less costs:

  • With less waiting times, they are obligated for less waiting cost payments.
  • With 20-30% percent bigger running capacity of the trucks, GLABs users can ask for extra discounts from freight forwarders, because their trucks can run with a bigger performance.
  • GLABs users can also feel advantages in warehouse operations. The free capacities of loading machines, such as forklifts, can be seen in advance, so they can be planned to be used for other tasks around the warehouse.
  • Because of the consistent arrival of the drivers, they can absorve the same amount of work more efficiently, with less loading capacity. This means, if the company works with hired loading machines, hiring costs can be saved with the software’s time window system.

It is also a challenge for production to oversee the arrival of the parts and plan with the resources for production. In the online time slot, you can see exactly when the parts arrive to the factory, and with less delays and problems, there are less ad hoc situations to solve.

We can see how apart from the logistics department, HR, finance and production also profit from the advantages of a time window software.

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