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Less personal contact with an online TSM system

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GLABs Time Slot and Loading Management Software, in addition to resolving congestion caused by carriers, helps maintain touch freedom, which is extremely important in everyone’s lives during COVID-19.
From arrival to departure, the functions of GLABs help us in several ways:


The software allows you to manage site policies; both general and extraordinary regulations can be managed in the system. The eytraordinary policies feature has just been added to GLABs in connection with the coronavirus, helping to inform carriers of site restrictions. thus, the transport manager can find out about these already at the time of booking.

Arrival module:

The arrival module, which supports entry and exit, is not only advantageous in terms of site security, but also in terms of touch-free access. An ID can be used to immediately check the data and rights of an incoming or outgoing shipment in the time slot system. No personal check- in required. 

Ramp call + Display function = Contactless communication

With the display function, information can be displayed in real time at different points of the site, for different departments. This allows us to project ramp calls of waiting trucks to an outdoor display with a display type designed for this purpose. It shows which shipment has to be loaded on which ramp. As a result, personal contact can be avoided.

Document management

The document management module allows you to attach documents related to shipment in the system. It replaces personal administration and can handle documents smoothly in an online interface. Uploaded documents are available to all parties involved, will not be lost, and missing ones can be filled quickly.

Moreover, two more features will be added to our software soon, which will help maintain security at the sites. Such is the check-in terminal, which allows drivers to check in for loading through a multilingual terminal without intermediate human intervention. As well as license plate number recognition system integration, this access control system with license plate recognition can query the authorization of the vehicle waiting to be entered directly from the GLABs system, and automatically change the current entry status of the vehicle in case of entry. This also makes the arrival module run more smoothly. 

To sum up, with the help of our software, completely contactless document management, pre-dispatch of changes to site regulations, communication between the parties, and the planning of shipments can be established. In addition, the company can gain benefits such as increased efficiency or transparency.

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