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Keep track of incoming and outgoing deliveries

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With the help of our software, users can get get an accurate picture of how many trucks will arrive in the next hours and from which partner, and how many trucks are waiting to be unloaded. You will know exactly when they arrived, how many loading processes are going on and when they started, along with which suppliers left the premise and when.

Would you like to know how many trucks will arrive in the next few hours? Or do you want to see who is loading at your depot and who is waiting? Do you want to know the spare capacity of the warehouse? Our booking system can trace and document the statuses of bookings, so you will always know the current or planned future even

All of the information is available in our system, even if you would like to find data about past deliveries, for example when the vehicle arrived, when the loading process started, who did the loading and how long it took, and when the transporter left the premise.

Among status changes of deliveries, our software documents the person who made the reservation, and the modifier, in case of modifications. Thanks to that, if consultation or specifications are needed, the company’s and the coworker’s names, email addresses and phone numbers are available immediately.

You can reach the stored data filtered by report level in our system, and export it to an Excel file to make other reports and lists.

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