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How can communication be improved between logistics, warehouses and business partners?

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It is quite common that certain shipments arrive automatically to the site, while others are dependent on approval. In many cases this approval has to be given not by logistics, but the warehouse or a separate business department. How does your company handle this situation?

In our logistics booking system, rules for approval can be set up as well. Rules can be set up on a partner, product or even directional level.

GLABS differentiates between two types of setups:

  • Automatically accepted deliveries: In this case, the system automatically confirms the booking with its details to the partner
  • Shipments that require approval: In this case, the approval of the shipment can be assigned to different areas, such as logistics, the warehouse, quality control, etc. The designated area will be notified about these reservations, and it can accept them within the system, or even reject them, followed by an automatic notification to the partner. The approval is often assisted by uploaded documents about the shipment, such as the quality certificate in case of raw materials.

If the required information is not available about the delivery, further documents can be requested from the partners through the system, in which case the booking will remain in a pending status.

The approval process is a key part of logistics, and in the reception and management of shipments, along with the entrance to the premise, since at the arrival/departure of the shipment it is immediately displayed at the gate whether the shipment has been approved or not.

Since the evaluation is usually completed before the departure, in case of rejection, it is less likely that the company finds itself in argument with its partners, as unnecessary transportation costs can be avoided.

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