What is Glabs?

What is GLABs? GLABs is a logistics solution for manufacturing and warehousing companies to fully manage all on-site transport and loading tasks.



Time Slot Management by GLABs

Our online Time Slot Management software can make loading and arrival of shipments/vehicles to the site plannable. Loading is therefore done according to predefined rules, taking into account the available loading capacity.


Yard Management

Our Yard Management software can manage the entire truck traffic on your site. Our software manages the ramp call, assists with loading and unloading, tracks loading status and logs all workflows.



Transport Management by GLABs

With our Transport Management software, you can transparently manage your transport tasks from transport request to transport order assignment and execution. TMS supports the day-to-day work of transport organizers and also creates the possibility to outsource their transport management tasks.


Warehouse Console by GLABs

With the Warehouse Console software you can manage warehouse staff in the preparation and loading processes. Warehouse workers can use a mobile or tablet device to make truck calls, initiate and report picking and loading tasks.



Hardware by GLABs

We also support our software solutions with hardware solutions, allowing you to extend the functionality of our logistics software to different locations on your site and to different phases of your processes.