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GLABs – Online time slot, appointment scheduling in logistics

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„Please make a reservation for delivery”
What if you could say that to your customers and suppliers?

GLABs is an online logistics booking system, which allows your partners to manage incoming and outgoing deliveries, based on set regulation systems, while considering the actual traffic and load.

Our software is designed to modernize the time slot service, and to replace it, therefore it fully supports both modes of use. GLABs can be set to time slot mode, where partners can schedule appointments within the framework of the time slot, or it can be used with flexibility, so that freight forwarders can freely make the appointments during opening hours, considering the actual supplier traffic and the available capacity.

By using our software:

  • supplier traffic will become smoother
  • daily tasks will be easier to organize
  • partners will be served faster
  • waiting time will be reduced
  • information-flow and document management between customers and freight forwarders will be standardized and therefore improved

While developing our system, our main goal was to effectively support the work of all participants of the logistics supply chain, and to decrease the number of their administrative tasks. Our online booking system performs the following:

  • Logistics
    Enables users to manage the arrivals, and thanks to the document managing system, all the events can be easily monitored. In addition, it gives users the opportunity to prepare for the arrival of the deliveries in advance. Thanks to the event log, all of the events, changes in status, etc. are traceable, and all of the information and current statuses regarding the delivery can be displayed on one screen.
  • Freight forwarders
    By providing delivery information, freight forwarders can easily schedule appointments for deliveries just by a few clicks. The notification system helps their work with confirmations and the replacement of missing data, and the event log helps with monitoring and tracing the arrivals and loads. GLABs also fully supports the external freight forwarders’ work.
  • Transporters
    Thanks to transparent and easy-to-organize arrivals and loadings, you can significantly reduce the waiting time to optimize the efficiency of vehicles.
  • Gate/entrance
    Supports the entrance gates’ tasks with up to date information from the deliveries’ arrivals, through the check-in processes, until the transporters leave the premise.
  • Warehouse
    Supports the warehouse work procedures with delivery information and with the availability of documents, and it makes the daily work agenda organizable. In addition, it makes the gross and net loading times measurable.
  • Quality control
    With the help of the document management and approval system, based on the quality certificates that have been uploaded in advance, the acceptance of the delivery can be approved or rejected even before the dispatch of the delivery.
  • LEAN
    Reports which can be enquired turn the work processes transparent and measurable, which can, thus, be optimized.

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