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From now on, you’re going to be the one who makes the rules!

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Determine which transporter can arrive at what time to your company, who can come at the same time and who can’t. Determine the loading times, the approval process, the service order, the documents required for delivery, the entrance regulations and the place of service.

In our booking system you can set all of the rules for deliveries, and your partners can schedule appointments for arrival according to those rules. This not only evens out the number of arriving transporters in given time slots, but it also reduces the number of trucks waiting at the same time. In addition, warehouse service will be optimized.

The settings and regulation systems can be modified at any time through the administration page, so our booking system can follow any changes and be up to date.

Some regulations, which can optimize the incoming and outgoing deliveries:

      • Set the time slot based on partners and products (Partner calendar handling)
      • Determine the necessary resources (depots, ramps, forklifts, other devices) for loading (Resource management)
      • Set loading durations according to products (Time frame)
      • Indicate documents necessary for delivery (Document management)
      • Approve reservations based on your preferred method (Automatic or manual approval)
      • Handle partners arriving at the same time (Compatibility)
      • Indicate entrance points (Entrance handling)

Our logistics booking system can be extensively parameterized, thus it can handle complex, regulated delivery processes. With the help of GLABs the problematically regulated incoming and outgoing deliveries become transparent, traceable and optimize

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