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Does your company also have a problem with unorganized arrival of suppliers?

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Truck drivers constantly wait in line? Warehouses are overloaded during certain periods? Have you encountered a problem with handling the order of service, because you never know when the delivery arrives and it causes conflicts with your partners? Are the truck drivers impatient, because of the several hours, even days of waiting?

GLABs booking system gives a solution for optimizing delivery management, which makes the process transparent and easier to organize

By using our booking system, your partners and freight forwarders can schedule appointments on an online platform without writing emails or making phone calls, during the organization of freights. Thanks to that, the delivery will arrive on time as planned

The booking is based on a set regulation system – opening hours, time slot, required resources for (un)loading (ramp, load, forklift, other equipment), product types, compatibility, loading time, etc. – and it’s fully automatic. The booking regulations, considering the current situation or the changing processes, can be modified at any time.

Evidently, some delays may occur in the arrival of deliveries, nevertheless the daily balanced distribution remains, so logistics and the warehouse can handle the service of partners consistently.

The appointment based service is beneficial not only for you, but for your drivers, freight forwarders and partners, too. For example the drivers will be more patient after a delay, if they know the exact time remaining until the next free appointment. More and more often they are already predicting a delay and ask for a new date of arrival

The order of service can frequently cause conflicts, which can be solved by the booking system. The system records the exact arrivals, so drivers who arrived early or with a delay can’t complain personally or through their business partner, if they can’t start the loading immediately.

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