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Delay forecast with online time slot

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The information about the delay is only a click away!
We have developed this solution for one of the main newly emerging problems, helping to make planned loadings. Our delay forecast function has already been included in our latest time slot software version, 2.18, making it available to our partners from 24/06/2020.

With the new feature of GLABs, we provide a solution to a problem that can hang the site running optimally on a given day. This supplier delay, which commonly occurs, is mostly due to external factors. However, at a tense pace, it is not beneficial to have to wait, especially, if this results in congestion and eventually all day slips.

From now on, however, your partners and suppliers can indicate the expected delay to the site through the time slot. This can also be done if the date can no longer be changed. Thus, based on the forecasts, it is possible to reschedule the loads flexibly, so that they can load evenly with little waiting time despite the delay.

With the new function, you can specify the delay as well as the expected arrival time. The cause of the delay can also be indicated, here you can choose from the traffic obstruction, congestion at the border, and technical problem options. If none of these apply, the “other” category may be selected. In addition, a comment can be written in which it can be explained if something else has occurred.

The delay forecasting allows the optimal reorganization of the day and leaves time even for the internal warehouse work. Moreover, trucks will no longer be lost, as the time slot can be used to anticipate slippage.

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